@davidtwco does dotfiles. Configurations for vim, tmux, zsh, bash, git, gpg and more.
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dotfiles configuration managed by yadm. Originally created in Bash for Windows, has been tested on regular Ubuntu too. Contains:

  • Vim/Neovim configuration
  • tmux configuration
  • Bash configuration
  • zsh configuration
  • Weechat configuration
  • Custom Iosevka font

How do I use these dotfiles?

dotfiles are managed using yadm.

In order to install yadm for your specific distro, follow the installation instructions on the yadm documentation. To install on Ubuntu, follow the following instructions:

Ubuntu 16.10 and up

sudo apt install yadm

Ubuntu 16.04 and lower

sudo apt install -y software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:flexiondotorg/yadm
sudo apt update
sudo apt -y install yadm

Next, to use this repository, run the following:

yadm clone git@gitlab.com:davidtwco/dotfiles.git

This will clone the repository, you may have conflicts with pre-existing files like .bashrc - simply run yadm status and then yadm reset HEAD <filename> and yadm checkout -- <filename> to reset all files to those from the repository.

If you didn't run into any issues above, then yadm will have executed the bootstrap script script to create symlinks and install plugins. If you need to run this manually, execute the following:


ZSH and Antibody

Antibody is used for managing zsh plugins - this should be set up and installed by the bootstrap script. However, if it wasn't or you need to update the installed plugins, you can do the following:

First, if you haven't already, install Antibody as below:

curl -sL https://git.io/antibody | bash -s

Next, run the following to re-generate the .zsh_plugins.sh script that zsh will source to load plugins (you will need to redo this every time you change the antibody bundle file that contains the list of plugins).

source <(antibody init)
bash -c 'antibody bundle < ~/.antibody_bundle > .zsh_plugins.sh'
antibody update

Iosevka Font

If you wish to use the Iosevka font with these dotfiles, then you can follow the instructions on the Iosevka repo to download the font pre-built, or use the configuration files in the iosevka folder to build the font from source.

Bash for Windows and ConEmu

If using the Windows Insider builds (16251 and higher) then the Windows Store version of Ubuntu for Bash on Windows can be used and will work best. If you are on a earlier build, use ConEmu.

In previous versions of Windows, there were issues with full 256 colour support and font selection (both in rendering and using desired fonts) amongst other things. ConEmu will work well in these cases, if used with WSLBridge, there may be issues with the mouse and the Home/End keys, else it should work fine.

Hybrid Colour Scheme

There are registry scripts to configure the colour scheme of Windows' command prompt and default console to match the Hybrid colour scheme used by Vim. You can find those scripts in the hybrid folder.