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gulp-webresource for Dynamics 365

This is designed to be used as a gulp task for working with Dynamics 365 web resources.

Currently there is support for upload and publish, this can be used to automate your client development work flow of CRM web resources.

The gulp task takes configuration information that provides mapping from file to CRM web resoure.

For authentication the gulp task can use either user/password or ClientId/Secret via the new Server to Server authentication ( Or you can provide your own access token, it doesn't care how you got it. So you can use to get it, or use adal.js to do it from within your gulp flow

When used in combination with watch and a cache task - you can configure the gulpfile to watch for changes in web resources and only upload those that have changed. Look at the gulp file in ./tests for an example

Upload function can now optionally create the web resource if not already in the target. Use Update(config,true) instead of update(config,false) to enable registration of any newly configured web resources. If you are using this option you need to include DisplayName and Type

All feedback is welcome!

To use install via npm

npm install gulp-webresource --save-dev

Step By Step

1) Create a new folder for your project

2) Install gulp, gulp-cached and gulp-webresource

npm install gulp --save-dev
npm install gulp-cached --save-dev
npm install gulp-webresource --save-dev

3) Create a gulfile.js with the following contents

var webresource = require('gulp-webresource')
var gulp = require('gulp')
var cache = require('gulp-cached');

var config = {
     { Path:'TestWebResource\\TestWebResource1.js',UniqueName:'ctc_TestWebResource1.js' },
     { Path:'TestWebResource\\TestWebResource2.js',UniqueName:'ctc_TestWebResource2.js' },

gulp.task('cachecurrent', function(){

gulp.task('upload', function(){

gulp.task('watch', function() {'./**/*.js', ['upload']);

gulp.task('default', ['cachecurrent','watch']);

4) Customize gulpfile.js WebResources list to include your web resources

5) Set environment variables for crmserver,crmuser,crmpassword

set crmserver=
set crmuser=useremail
set crmpassword=userpwd

6) Administrator must consent to allowing the task to talk to CRM - navigate to the following link, this will prompt for administrator login and then will ask it to agree to allow gulp-webresource to talk to your CRM

7) Run gulp, and then go change a file and watch it upload it

Example of config if you are using Server to Server authentication

var config = {
     { Path:'calc\\calc.js',UniqueName:'dave_calc.js', DisplayName:'Calc.js file', Type:'JavaScript' }

Permissions if you are using Server to Server authenticationread, write entity

In order to Update -read,write web resource In order to Publish

  • read, write field
  • read, write relationship
  • read, write customizations
  • read ,write view
  • publish