A WordPress theme for learners.
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Basik is a WordPress theme for learners.


Most themes today are very complex. And for good reason, they reflect seasoned best-practices and are efficient and powerful for those that know how to use them. But what makes them efficient for a professional makes them confusing and frustrating for a novice.

Hence, the guiding principle for constructing this theme was to make editing the theme as simple as possible for someone new to front-end development and design (and WordPress). All the styles are included in style.css and most of the code that powers the site is in index.php.

It’s a complete and functioning theme, but it’s very bare bones when it comes to features. It includes functionality for WordPress’s Nav Menus but other than that it’s mainly title, publish date and content.


The design is loosely based on a prior version of my personal site, davidyeiser.com. It uses IBM’s Plex Serif for body copy and IBM Plex Mono when a monospaced font is required. Elsewhere it uses the system sans serif typeface. Screenshots of the theme are shown below.


The theme, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL with the exception of IBM’s Plex fonts, those are under the SIL Open Font License.

Typical desktop view of the theme’s home page

Typical desktop view of an example page showing paragraphs of text

Typical desktop view of the bottom of the example page showing the footer and a table and form with text inputs

Theme preview of home page and example page on mobile devices