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The #1 Python tool for miscellaneous emoji info


With Python installed, simply run the following command to add the package to your project.

pip install emoji-search


The following is an example usage of the package:

from random import choice
from emoji import Emoji, categories, search, category

def random_emoji() -> Emoji:
    return search(choice(category(choice(categories))))


You can also run the tool from the command-line:

usage: emoji-search [-h] [--search SEARCH | --category CATEGORY | --categories | --palette]

Search for emoji information

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --search SEARCH      Emoji to search for
  --category CATEGORY  Category to get list of emojis
  --categories         Get list of emoji categories
  --palette            Get JSON object of all categories and their emojis
emoji-search --search '🎈' > balloon.json

Then check out all the information!

  "symbol": "🎈",
  "description": "A balloon on a string, as decorates a birthday party. Generally depicted in red, though WhatsApp’s is pink and Google’s orangish-red.\nCommonly used to convey congratulations and celebration, especially when wishing someone a happy birthday.\nMicrosoft and Samsung's balloons were previously blue; SoftBank's was shown floating in the sky.\n\nBalloon was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010\nand added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.\n",
  "name": "Balloon",
  "aliases": ["Party", "Red Balloon"],
  "apple_name": "Balloon",
  "unicode_name": "",
  "vendors": {
    "Apple": [
      "iOS 13.3",
      "iOS 10.2",
      "iOS 8.3",
      "iOS 6.0",
      "iOS 5.1",
      "iOS 4.0",
      "iPhone OS 2.2"
    "Google": [
      "Android 10.0 March 2020 Feature Drop",
      "Android 8.0",
      "Android 7.0",
      "Android 5.0",
      "Android 4.4",
      "Android 4.3"
    "Microsoft": [
      "Windows 10 May 2019 Update",
      "Windows 10 Anniversary Update",
      "Windows 10",
      "Windows 8.1",
      "Windows 8.0"
    "Samsung": [
      "One UI 1.5",
      "One UI 1.0",
      "Experience 9.0",
      "Experience 8.0",
      "TouchWiz 7.1",
      "TouchWiz 7.0",
      "TouchWiz Nature UX 2"
    "WhatsApp": ["2.19.352", "2.17"],
    "Twitter": ["Twemoji 13.0", "Twemoji 1.0"],
    "Facebook": ["4.0", "3.0", "2.0", "1.0"],
    "JoyPixels": [
    "OpenMoji": ["12.3", "1.0"],
    "emojidex": ["1.0.34", "1.0.33", "1.0.19", "1.0.14"],
    "Messenger": ["1.0"],
    "LG": ["G5", "G3"],
    "HTC": ["Sense 7"],
    "Mozilla": ["Firefox OS 2.5"],
    "SoftBank": ["2014", "2008", "2006", "2004", "2001", "2000"],
    "Docomo": ["2013"],
    "au by KDDI": ["Type F", "Type D-3", "Type D-2", "Type D-1"]

Feel free to check out the docs for more information.


This software is released under the terms of MIT license.


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