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Extra modules not included with the original FUEL CMS download


== FUEL CMS Modules Pack ==
This repository contains extra modules not included in the base 
installation of FUEL CMS.

Move all the downloaded modules folders into your FUEL CMS's fuel/modules 
folder. To enable the modules, you must add them to the "modules_allowed" 
configuration parameter found in fuel/application/config/MY_fuel.php. Each 
module has additional configuration parameters you will need to set in it's 
corresponding configuration files.

== FUEL CMS ==
FUEL CMS is a CodeIgniter based Content Management System. To learn more about
it's features visit:

FUEL CMS can be downloaded here:

To access the documentation, you can visit:

== TEAM ==
* David McReynolds, Daylight Studio, main developer

== BUGS ==
To file a bug report, go to:

FUEL CMS and the FUEL CMS Modules Pack is licensed under APACHE 2. 
The full text of the license can be found in the 
fuel/licenses/fuel_license.txt file.

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