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We are a software development company. We write a lot of code every day and we want to make our work process as comfortable as possible. This leads us to develop small helper tools to simplify our day-by-day activities - code creation, analysis, learning, debugging, profiling etc. With years of activities in this area we created a lot of tools, scripts, pieces of code. Each of them being used properly provides added value in variety of cases. We call them "Bricklets".

We believe we are not alone and there are others who do the same. Our initiative is to share what we have and collaborate with others who may want to share as well. The code is licensed under 3-clause BSD license which is pretty permissive, so everyone may use published Bricklets virtually any way and anywhere.

All ideas, recommendations, bug-fixes and submissions are highly welcome. Reach us at

Please find bricklets docummentaton at

Best Regards, Daynix team (