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tidyc README


This is some research, recommendations, and examples of how best to use GNU indent for formating C code. It includes some tests done to figure out the corner case behaviour of GNU indent to figure out how best to configure/use it.

It has grown to include a tidyc script wrapper for indent that addresses several issues indent has, including:

  1. Adds support for using regexes for matching user-defined-types for the -T argument. This means you don't need to explicitly list every user-defined type for them to format correctly.
  2. Makes -fca correctly preserve blank-line paragraphs inside "starred comments" with stars on the left hand side.
  3. Makes -nsc behave as a consistent inverse of -sc, removing starring of comments without requiring -fca.
  4. Makes -ncdb behave as a consistent inverse of -cdb, removing blank-line comment delimiters without requiring -fca, and also removing them from the top of comments.
  5. Doesn't treat comments with stars and blank-line delimiters as block comments, allowing -ncdb to remove blank-line delimiters, -nsc to remove stars, and -fca to reformat them. This is a consequence of 3. and 4. above.
  6. Always removes and never adds any trailing whitespace (indent adds a trailing space after blank lines in starred comments).
  7. Better Doxygen comment support with optional reformating for both JavaDoc and Qt style comments that doesn't break Qt style /*! delimiters, and correctly indents JavaDoc style /**< member comments.
  8. Never reformats anything inside \code...\endcode blocks inside Doxygen comments.
  9. Adds -fcd and -nfcd options to enable/disable Doxygen comment formatting that includes reindenting, starring/unstarring with -dsc or -ndsc, rebracketing with -cdb or -ncdb, and reformatting with -fca and -fc1.
  10. Adds -dsc and -ndsc options to add/remove starring for Doxygen comments independently of -sc or -nsc for non-Doxygen comments. Note -fcd must be set to enable these.
  11. Adds -dqt and -ndqt to select Doxygen Qt or JavaDoc style comments. Comment delimiters will be changed to match the preferred style.
  12. Add -dab and -ndab options to enable/disable Doxygen AUTOBRIEF support, removing or adding \brief tags to the first line of Doxygen comments.
  13. Adds some convenient shortcuts like -C for -fc1 -fca -fcd to reformat all comments and -R for -sob -nhnl to reformat all line breaks.
  14. Has my preferred defaults which is mostly linux without tabs and with starred autobrief JavaDoc Doxygen comments.
  15. Adds -iec and -niec options to enable/disable ignoring extern "C" {...} enclosing blocks for indenting.
  16. Is more repeatable than indent, with repeated runs over the same input producing the same output (indent paragraph reformatting with -fca can produce different results in repeated runs).


This is a pretty random collection of little scripts and data files accumulated during the research and development of the tidyc script

Name Description
README.rst This file.
DESIGN.rst Design details on testing done and results.
linux.args Equivalent -linux args sorted for easy comparison.
kr.args Equivalent -kr args sorted for easy comparison.
gnu.args Equivalent -gnu args sorted for easy comparison.
orig.args Equivalent -orig args sorted for easy comparison.
tidyc The script for tidying C source code.
tidyc_test The script for running all tests.
tests/*.c Source files for testing with.
tests/*.out Expected output for each test.


Thank's to GNU for indent.


See LICENSE for details.


There is nothing to install here. Just copy tidyc somewhere on your path.


To tidy source code just run:

$ tidyc *.[ch]

It has sensible defaults but can take any indent arguments with the following additions;

-L Resets settings to -linux.
-K Resets settings to -kr.
-G Resets settings to -gnu.
-B Resets settings to -orig.
-C Reformat comments. Equivalent to -fc1 -fca -fcd.
-R Reformat line breaks. Equivalent to -sob -nhnl.
-fcd, --format-doxygen-comments
 Enable Doxygen comment formatting. This will enable indenting, starring/unstaring based on -dsc|-ndsc, rebracketing with/without blank-line delimiters based on -cdb|-ncdb, and content reformating with -fca.
-nfcd, --dont-format-doxygen-comments
 Disable Doxygen comment formatting. This will disable all reformatting of doxygen comments.
-dsc, --star-doxygen-comments
 Enable starring of doxygen comments. This will add star prefixes to doxygen comment lines with -fcd.
-ndsc, --dont-star-doxygen-comments
 Disable starring of doxygen comments. This will remove star prefixes from doxygen comment lines with -fcd.
-dqt, --doxygen-use-qt
 Select Doxygen Qt or JavaDoc style comments. This adjusts the Doxygen starting comment delimiter.
-ndqt, --doxygen-use-javadoc
 Select Doxygen JavaDoc style comments.
-dab, --doxygen-autobrief
 Enable Doxygen autobrief support. This will remove \brief or @brief tags from the first line of Doxygen comments
-ndab, --no-doxygen-autobrief
 Disable Doxygen autobrief support. This will add \brief or @brief tags depending on -dqt to the first line of Doxygen comments.
-iec, --ignore-extern-c
 Enable ignoring enclosing extern "C" {...} blocks for indenting.
-niec, --dont-ignore-extern-c
 Disable ignoring enclosing extern "C" {...} blocks.
-T <regex> Like indent's -T except adds support for using extended regexes like /ev_\w+/ to match types like ev_event. Note that /w+_t/ is already included by default.

The default arguments are equivalent to:

$ tidyc -linux -nut -i4 -ppi2 -l120 -lc80 -fc1 -nfcd -dsc -ndqt -dab -iec -T /w+_t/


The following are the currently known issues;

  1. This is all implemented by doing pre and post processing with sed, so is potentially vulnerable to tripping over comment delimiters inside string constants etc.
  2. The contents of \code...\endcode blocks in Doxygen comments are never formatted in any way. This includes starring, unstarring, indenting or reformatting. This can result in strange different starred/unstarred or indented/unindented sections in the middle of Doxygen comments. These code blocks must be manually edited to match the surrounding comment. After this reformatting will produce the correct result.
  3. Incorrectly indented \code...\endcode blocks in Doxygen comments will mess with the indenting of the rest of the comment after the code block. Manually correcting the indenting of the code block and reformatting will produce the correct result.
  4. Paragraphs with embedded \code...\endcode blocks will mess with paragraph reformatting, resulting in long lines that include the code block. Don't do that.


Email if you have any questions about this.

I'd be interested in any feedback anyone has, so please don't be shy.

The project homepage.
The project github mirror.


Just email

Reporting Problems

Just email


Just edit it.


See DESIGN for the design details of testing done and conclusions drawn.


See TODO for future plans. Ha! There aren't any :-)


This started after I added a "make tidy" target using indent to To work around indent needing -T <mytype> arguments for every user defined type I added post-processing with sed.

Then when I started working on I created the first version of tidy-c and added cmdline options. I wanted to add a "make tidy" target to librsync but wasn't satisfied with how it formatted comments. This was complicated by librsync using doxygen comments which indent treats as "block comments".

At this point I decided to start a proper project for tracking this work. $Id: README,v 69a01169087f 2014/11/27 00:12:55 abo $


C source code reformater improving/extending indent with a simple wrapper.







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