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XMLTools Javascript Module for Titanium

Written in the style of but for Titanium with extras. One new addition is the handling of nodes with both attributes and text content.

See the app.js file for a test case/example.

Quick Start

It is a commonJS module so:

var XMLTools = require("XMLTools");

Code snippets

Create and parse xml string:

  var xml = new XMLTools(your_xml_string);

If you already have Ti.XML.Document object, it can be passed to the constructor instead.

To get the xml documentElement:

  var documentElement = xml.getDocument();

To get the xml converted to an object:

  var my_object = xml.toObject();

To get the xml converted into JSON:

  var my_json = xml.toJSON();

If you just want to convert xml to json in one line:

  var my_json = new XMLTools(your_xml_string).toJSON()


I'm happy for this module to grow/improve.