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Damodar Bashyal

LinkedIn: dbashyal

Twitter: dbashyal

Personal Websites:

  • - My magento + Web development blog
  • Codefight CMS - My Custom CMS based on then most popular PHP framework called Codeigniter CMS.


PO BOX 1124, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Australia

Message me on linkedin for contact number. References will be provided on request


To obtain a challenging and rewarding Senior Magento Web Developer position where I can utilize my knowledge, proficiency, and skills to contribute to a company's growth.

Work experience

Senior Magento & Javascript Developer

Lowes Manhattan Pty Ltd (February 2016 - Present)

At the moment I am the only Magento Developer at the company.


  • Monitor the quality of work being done by agency on our new website based on Magento Enterprise.
  • Regression Testing after new code release.
  • Provide suggestion + solution back to the agency's developers for bugs and issues found during test
  • Wrote a script to create / update / delete stores on google business using api.
  • Wrote TradeMe nodeJS module to manage listings on tradeMe.
  • Wrote Auspost and other APIs.
  • Manage marketplace accounts and feeds.

Senior Magento Developer

Dick Smith Electronics (September 2014 - February 2016)
  • Fix mess of digital agency (one of the gold magento partner).
  • Make website stable. It used to go down for atleast 10 mins after each deployment before I joined the company.
  • I was responsible for applying every security patch released by Magento.
  • I upgraded company's website to latest major version ( successfully.
  • Currently we are working on new theme based on angularJS. Cart and checkout is already live.

(Please refer to my linkedin profile to find what my CIO and all the managers has to say about me and my work at Dick Smith)

Senior Web Developer

Acidgreen Pty Ltd (April 2008 - September 2014)
  • I started as an osCommerce developer and later switched to another Open Source Ecommerce Platform Magento since version
  • I was the first magento developer at Acidgreen, and one of the first in whole Australia before everyone started using this ecommerce web software for their ecommerce projects.
  • Being one of the most experienced magento developer sometimes I had to work with clients like Ficeda (Yamaha), Baby Got Style, My Catwalk at their own primises when they want to protect their privacy and want someone inhouse.
  • I was lead developer for one of our biggest magento client Binglee at acidgreen. I wrote most of the backend code including all extensions that we developed at acidgreen for this website.
  • Being largest project, Binglee, taught a lot and now I am more than comfortable with any size and complexity of project. This project helped me to boost my can do attitude.
  • Here I develop magento projects from scratch to until it goes live alone or with team collaboration.
  • Learned to use svn and then git and now capistrano to auto deploy projects to staging and live.
  • Created few magento extensions which runs in many popular sites like binglee, dlink, ficeda (yamaha), paddy pallin etc.
  • You can find my love to open source at github which includes my free magento extensions -

Web Developer

Visiontech Digital Media (Jan 2007 - April 2008)
  • started as a junior PHP web developer being my first job as a web programmer.
  • learned a lot about web servers, hostings, proper coding and most importantly codeigniter which became my all time favorite open source PHP framework.
  • learned to work alone and with a team.
  • developed awesome websites with codeigniter which includes,,


  • Magento CE & EE (backend + frontend). I am a Magento Certified Web Developer.
  • Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, nginx, Vagrant
  • Codeigniter PHP Framework (I developed codefight cms with this framework by myself)
  • JavaScript, jQuery & angularJS
  • Photoshop
  • GIT, SVN
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • AWS
  • SEO etc...


Bachelor in Information Technology (2003 - 2004)

University of Ballarat

Some of the subjects I studied there includes C# .Net C C++ Java Linux

Diploma In Information Technology (2000 - 2003)

Clarendon Business College


  • Travel.
  • Reading Books On:
  • Developing Magento Extensions.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Different Programming Languages.

Some of the websites I developed alone or was part of development team includes:

Recommendations received on LinkedIn

Paul Keen

(Chief Information Officer at Dick Smith Electronics)

Frankly, Damu knows he's stuff. From day one, he proved his in-depth knowledge of Magento and started to increase our technical skills. He works well in the Agile teams and has brought capability and stability to one of the largest e-commerce sites in AU/NZ. Highly recommended.

Ming Yan

(Technical Lead at Dick Smith Electronics)

Damu is a Magento guru who has comprehensive Magento knowledges and skills. Since joining the team, Damu has proven himself with his excellent work and focus on details. Thank you Damu for all your effort to make the Dick Smith website faster, more efficient and more stable. Damu is also always committed to the work and I really appreciate his positive working attitude, apart from his technical skills. It is really great to have Damu in the team.

Mike Larcher

(Founder of Acidgreen, Outsourced, and Academ)

Damodar worked with me for over 6 years and is a loyal, dedicated and diligent employee. He was one of the first Magento Developers in Australia and has worked with me on many exciting projects including the Bing Lee's first e-commerce store in Australia. Damodar has been consistently reliable and willing to always go the extra mile. He is a fantastic developer and individual I would highly recommend him to any potential employer.

Emmanuel Negri

(Development manager at Acidgreen)

Damodar is a dedicated web developer who will get the job done who has experience working on both front end and back end. In the last few years, Damu's has been focusing on the Magento eCommerce platform with both Community and Enterprise edition.

From configuring and theming the platform to installing and customising third party extensions as well as implementing bespoke functionalities, Damodar has a great knowledge of the beast!

Mark Binns

(Current Head of Search at Acidgreen)

I feel privileged to work with Damu. He is a fantastic developer. Sometimes it is not easy to prepare a really tight brief but he always seems to understand exactly what it is that you are looking for. His work has made me look really good on a number of occasions. He is extremely modest, conscientious and reliable.

Andrew Rovenko

(Former Lead Web Developer at Acidgreen)

I worked with Damodar on a number of web projects (mostly Magento eCommerce platform based), and it was always fantastic to have him on the team.

Damu is very dedicated, practical and solution oriented person, with many years of development experience and in-depth understanding of web application design and architecture, as well as various related technologies from back-end to front-end, database and server configuration.

He is also a great troubleshooter and isn't afraid of the challenges, however complicated the problem or requirements might be. This combined with great work ethic and professionalism made Damu an invaluable team member, who would deliver working and reliable solutions even under very tight timelines and I would highly recommend Damodar for any web development related role.

Aleasha Harris

(Former Project Manager at Acidgreen)

Damodar was one of the best devlopers that I worked with at AcidGreen. He was always polite and curteous in his dealings with internal staff and external clients, prompt in compleleting his assigned tasks ans escalating any issues.

Perry Burgess

(Current Project Manager at Acidgreen)

I have worked with many developers over my years but few with such an attitude that Damodar brings to the table. It is one thing to be a master of your trade but it is another to be able to articulate and explain that trade in an enthusiastic and casual manner. I believe Damodar is a great asset to any team & one of the most efficient and hard-working individuals I have ever had the pleasure to collaborate with.

View more on my linkedIn profile.


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