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Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

  • 0.7
  • 0.7.1
  • 1.0
  • latest

What is DBpedia Spotlight?

DBpedia Spotlight is a tool for automatically annotating mentions of DBpedia resources in text, providing a solution for linking unstructured information sources to the Linked Open Data cloud through DBpedia.

How to run

Language Command
Danish docker run -i -p 2240:80 dbpedia/spotlight-danish
Dutch docker run -i -p 2232:80 dbpedia/spotlight-dutch
English docker run -i -p 2222:80 dbpedia/spotlight-english
French docker run -i -p 2225:80 dbpedia/spotlight-french
German docker run -i -p 2226:80 dbpedia/spotlight-german
Hungarian docker run -i -p 2229:80 dbpedia/spotlight-hungarian
Italian docker run -i -p 2230:80 dbpedia/spotlight-italian
Portuguese docker run -i -p 2228:80 dbpedia/spotlight-portuguese
Russian docker run -i -p 2227:80 dbpedia/spotlight-rusian
Spanish docker run -i -p 2231:80 dbpedia/spotlight-spanish
Swedish docker run -i -p 2241:80 dbpedia/spotlight-swedish
Turkish docker run -i -p 2235:80 dbpedia/spotlight-turkish

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 1.9.1.

Please see the Docker installation documentation for details on how to upgrade your Docker daemon.


Documentation for this image is stored in GitHub repo.


If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact us through a GitHub issue.


First of all, thank you for helping! :) .

Please see DBpedia Spotlight Contribute Guide for details on how to contribute


Institut für Angewandte Informatik e. V. und InfAI Management GmbH