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DBpedia Spotlight

DBpedia Spotlight


DBpedia Spotlight is a tool for automatically annotating mentions of DBpedia resources in text.

Updated April 16, 2014

JavaScript 3 7


HTML and Javascript code to demonstrate DBpedia Spotlight's web service.

Updated April 10, 2014

Shell 1 3


forked from jodaiber/model-quickstarter

Tools and data for creating DBpedia Spotlight models.

Updated March 26, 2014


forked from dicode-project/pignlproc

Apache Pig utilities to build training corpora for machine learning / NLP out of public Wikipedia and DBpedia dumps.

Updated March 19, 2014


forked from sandroacoelho/maven-repo

DBpedia Spotlight Maven Repository

Updated October 14, 2013

JavaScript 1 0


A little web app to explore GSoC projects using annotations generated by DBpedia Spotlight.

Updated June 11, 2013

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