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How to install

Add the package to the arduino Boards Manager Urls:

  • Go to Preferences
    • paste this url in Boards Manager URL:
  • Go to Tools/Board/Boards manager
    • Type lgt8fx in the search box
    • install lgt8fx

Now the boards appear in the IDE. You can also select clock speeds, upload speeds and generic boards with external cystal.

Boards Manager



External Clock

32Mhz is twice as fast as a conventional arduino nano! Actually even faster as many operations take less clock cycles than in the atmega328p. Check out some benchmarks

Recommended read

Tutorials and details about this board: LGT8F328P - LQFP32 Boards • Wolles Elektronikkiste

Discussions, ideas, questions and show your project



This chip has more timers, each with more features than the atmega328p. Explore, configure and visualize timers for both atmega328p and lgt328p with this online tool image

Differences to original core Larduino_HSP v3.6c

  • Support 32 Mhz and other clock speeds
  • Selectable ADC resolution (Arduino compatibile default is 10 bits)
  • Differential Amplifier API
  • Better Boards Menu
  • Installation via Board Manager Urls
  • SoftwareSerial @32Mhz
  • FastIO ported from

Power consumption @ 5v

Clock Pro mini style w/o power LED Pro mini style Nano style
32MHz 12.7mA 15.0mA 32.6mA
16MHz 9.2mA 11.5mA 27.8mA
8MHz 7.1mA 9.4mA 25.4mA
4MHz 5.9mA 8.2mA 23.3mA
2MHz 5.3mA 7.6mA 23.4mA
1MHz 5.0mA 7.3mA 22.8mA

Example boards:


Pro Mini ssop20 Pro Mini ssop20 Pro Mini ssop20

Nano style

Pinout by [wollewald](


Wavgat Pro Mini pseudo-clone Wavgat Pro Mini pseudo-clone Chip marked as AVGA328P

Pro Mini style

Pro Mini style

Nano style

Pinout by wollewald Visit his Electronic projects blog here

Nano style Nano style

Nano style

Nano style

Pinout by wollewald

Like this pinout?

Create more pinouts for the other boards!

Wemos Nano style Wemos Nano style

Wemos Nano style

Uno Style

Uno style


LARDUINO Uno style

Larduino Uno style Larduino Uno style


Nano Style

Nano style

Nano style

Pinout by [wollewald](

Uno Style

Uno style

Docs & links

PS: Just want to say thanks for this git, helped me a lot!


I have no association with Arduino, Logic Green, Atmel or anything. I just wanted to have a convenient way to use these boards and get them to work without hacks at max speed

Automated Releases

Each time a PR is merged, the release action will be triggered.

The following steps are executed

  • Generate the release artefacts (the file)
  • Update the package_lgt8fx_index.json file with the new version
  • Commit and push those changes to the repository
  • Generate a release with the artefact.

PRs that only touch the file, or the /docs folder will NOT trigger a release.

The action can be found here:

Download stats


  • #Larduino_HSP for doing 90% of the work
  • #RalphBacon introducing most of us to the board
  • #dcfusor for help with fast io backporting
  • #HI-SEBA for help with software serial
  • #dwillmore for creating the wiki, serial adapter troubleshooting, more examples of boards and wemos-TTGO-XI board support
  • #seisfeld for adding in-menu support for an external oscillator
  • #jg1uaa for the updated Software Serial without timing tables and missing methods
  • #LaZsolt for adding SSOP20 lgt8f328p support and accurate delayMicroseconds
  • #jayzakk for fixing the ADC prescaler for faster analog reads
  • #wollewald for all the pinout diagrms

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