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Beraliv commented Apr 28, 2020

⭐️ S (situation) ⭐️

You don't need to discuss code changes about formatting: indents, spaces or tabs, etc

⭐️ T (task) ⭐️

The developer will add code changes with declared formatting which is available in Prettier config

⭐️ A (action) ⭐️

Add Prettier with

⭐️ R (result) ⭐️

It will autochange files and format them correctly for the project

gak commented Mar 23, 2021

Right now there's no way of seeing a wallet's phrase or private key via the CLI. The private key is visible via the wallet file, but not the phrase--it uses an Entropy rather than saving the words.

It would be good to have a command, e.g.:

> feeless wallet secret --id

The output would vary depending on the wallet type:

> feeless wallet secret --id xxx # phrase, must match 

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