A platform to test reinforcement learning policies in the datacenter setting.
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Iroko: The Data Center RL Gym

Iroko is an open source project that is focused on providing openAI compliant gyms. The aim is to develop machine learning algorithms that address data center problems and to fairly evaluate solutions again traditional techniques.


The data center emulator makes heavy uses of Linux tooling and its networking features. It operates most reliably on a recent Linux kernel (4.15+). The supported platform is Ubuntu (at least 16.04 is required). Using the emulator requires full sudo access.

Package Dependencies

  • Clang or GCC are required to build the traffic control managers.
  • git for version control
  • bwn-ng and ifstat to monitor traffic
  • python-pip and python3-pip to install packages

Python Dependencies

The generator supports both Python2 and Python3. Both pip and pip3 can be used to install the packages.

  • numpy for matrix operations
  • gym to install openAI gym
  • ray, lz4, and opencv-python to install the ray framework
  • seaborn and matplotlib to generate plots


  • Mininet to build efficient and real network topologies
  • Goben to generate and measure traffic


A convenient way to install the emulator is to run the ./install.sh. It will install most dependencies locally via Poetry.

Using OpenAI Benchmark

Currently a work in progress. In order to use the run_benchmark.py script, you need to also follow the installation set-up for the Open AI Benchmark project and need to run the script with python 3.5.