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Releases: dcwuser/metanumerics

Version 4.1.4

22 Aug 07:01
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  • Int128 and UInt128 extended precision integer types
  • DoubleDouble supports infinity and NaN
  • LogGamma to DoubleDouble accuracy
  • Complete elliptic integral of the 3rd kind
  • Bessel and Airy zeros, scaled modified Bessel functions, hyperbolic Shi and Cin functions
  • Improved speed, accuracy, and handling of extreme values for many advanced functions
  • Noncentral chi squared distribution
  • Faster inverse CDF and random deviate generation for many discrete distributions
  • Added abstract RegressionResult class to cover all results that return Residuals

Version 4.0.7

02 May 07:29
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What's new:

  • Targets .NET Standard 1.1 (.NET Framework 4.5 or higher or .NET Core)
  • Data frame system for data import, manipulation, and analysis.
  • Shapiro-Francia test for normality.
  • Hypergeometric, Frechet, and other additional distributions.
  • Gauss hypergeometric 2F1 function for real arguments.
  • Double-double type for extended precision floating point computations.
  • Specific types for fit results, analysis settings and results. Static extension methods for statistical analysis. Improved matrix decomposition API.

Version 3.1.0

09 Apr 07:24
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What's new:

  • Jacobi elliptic functions, Stirling numbers
  • ODE solver
  • Time series analysis
  • Negative binomial and more distributions
  • Richer data from linear regressions, including full ANOVA