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@deajan deajan released this May 22, 2019 · 24 commits to master since this release

Basically the same as beta2, with minor fixes among:

  • Config file upgrade script fixes
  • Fixes for running with Win10 1809 bash (breaks 1607 beta version, yeah... Nothing I can do about that)
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@deajan deajan released this May 20, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release

It's been another while since the last osync beta release.
I think the code is pretty stable for most linux distributions now, so I've decided to release another beta, which will be the last before OS compatibility tests and documentation updates needed for an RC release.

I'd love anyone to give me feedback on this version in order to make a final release happen sooner.

This beta brings the following new features:

  • New --sync-type option that allows to use osync as unidirectional sync tool
  • New osync target helper service that notifies initiator osync service when target has file modifications
  • Better --summary output

Other changes:

  • Config file now uses booleans (but yes/no syntax is still allowed)
  • Config file revision is now checked
  • Config file update script has been updated

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed race conditions in parallel executions
  • Multiple fixes when dealing with spaces in filenames, especially in deletion code
  • A lot of minor fixes in the ofunctions library
  • Multiple installer and batch fixes
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@deajan deajan released this Aug 8, 2018 · 289 commits to master since this release

It's been awhile since a new osync release, and the code should be good enough to go beta now.
Testers are welcome.

The branch 1.3 brings the following new features

  • Logging of conflictual files, with email alerts
  • New --initialize option in order to prepare deletion lists before actually synching anything
  • OpenRC support
  • Multiple portability enhancements
  • Lots of smaller bugfixes (see CHANGELOG)
  • Better OS detection

Under the hood improvements

  • Really improved timed execution function with numerous enhancements
  • Improved unit testing
  • Better security for log files not being readable by other users

Bug fixes

  • Summary file for deletions is now correct
  • Fixed filenames ending with spaces not being synchronized correctly
  • Fixed deletions on systems with ssh banners
  • Fixed daemon mode under FreeBSD
  • Installer fixes
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@deajan deajan released this Mar 25, 2017 · 536 commits to master since this release

After ten month of developpment, I'm proud to announce the release of osync v1.2 "beyond"

Big thanks to all contributors and testers for their involvement and time.

This release introduces some major new features, a lot of fixes and minor tweaks among:

  • Speed improvments

    • Most of all initiator and target actions are now parallelized
    • Remote calls have been refactored to reduce the amount of calls and time needed
    • Various speed optimizations
    • Sync resume process has been rewritten in order to exclude more unnecessary checks
    • Faster remote OS detection
    • Unlock functions are no longer launched if locking failed
  • Core improvements & fixes

    • More preflight checks before execution
    • Refactored soft deletion handles errors better
    • Support for various symlink options
    • New output modes (ex: --summary, --errors-only, --no-prefix)
    • Remote authentication now also accepts ssh password files
    • Simplified batch runner
    • Allow optional rsync arguments directly in config file
    • Resumed executions won't send alert emails anymore because failed executions already do (unless too many resume tries)
    • Prevented a rare collision issue when earlier runs had same PID as actual run in debug mode
    • Fixed daemon mode didn't enforce exclusions
    • Fixed directory ctime softdeletion (has also been backported to v1.1.5)
    • Fixed remote commands could also be run on local runs which obviously fails
    • Fixed proper symlink deletion routine
    • By default rsync algorithm won't try to compress some specific already compressed file extensions anymore
    • Added skip deletions option
    • Added options to ignore permissions, ownership and groups
  • Security improvements & fixes

    • Brand new ssh filter improving remote connection security
    • Improved privilege elevation on remote SUDO_EXEC runs
  • Compatibility improvements & fixes

    • Deeper unit and program testing
    • Major code rework in order to make osync way more portable on different platforms
    • Busybox / Android has finally been added to supported systems
    • MacOSX has been added to supported systems
    • FreeBSD 11 has been added to supported systems
    • Windows 10 bash has been added to supported systems
    • Toolchain is now compatible with more platforms
    • Preserve ACLs and XATTR are ignored depending on OS support
    • Added monitoring capability to FreeBSD and MacOS X
  • Developpment specific improvements & fixes

    • More paranoia mode checks
    • Added include-like functionnality making easier dev versions using script
    • Refactored most of fork controlling & process killing code
  • Misc additions and fixes

    • Better email support on various platforms
    • Alert sending is now more readable and less noisy
    • Added sendmail support
    • Improved logging with UTF-8 filenames resulting in multibyte logged characters
    • Improved installer script
    • Fixed sync can hang when internet failure is detected
    • Fixed installer statistics didn't report OS version
    • Spinner is less prone to move on screen log output
    • Improved upgrade script sanity
    • Huge list of other improvements (see changelog file)
  • Distro specific improvements

    • Added RPM file suitable for RHEL / CentOS / Fedora
    • Added PKGBUILD file for ArchLinux
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@deajan deajan released this Feb 10, 2017 · 566 commits to master since this release

Yeah ! This pre-release is production ready

Quick fixes for new ssh_filter related installs (doesn't affect non ssh_filter users):

  • Security fix for where log files would contain _REMOTE_TOKEN value if command fails
  • Uninstall script now checks if other programs need before removal
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@deajan deajan released this Feb 8, 2017 · 576 commits to master since this release

Next final release should only add updated documentation and RPM spec file.

This new release candidate of next osync comes with the following improvements:

  • Improved optional ssh filter for more security on remote connections
  • Improved optional sudo privilege remote run
  • Installer has new --remove option

And fixes:

  • Optional mail body encoding option to work around mail being sent without UTF-8 header
  • Fixed escaped UTF-8 log lines because of LC_ALL=C in script
  • Minor tweaks and fixes
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@deajan deajan released this Dec 13, 2016 · 658 commits to master since this release

This is the first release candidate of next osync.
With particular emphasis on maximal compatibility with most environments, and HEAVY testing.
Codename is beyond because this is beyond normal complexity of bash scripts :)

Release highlights:

  • Faster execution by refactoring multiple remote connections into one
  • Forced remote system to execute bash instead of default shell
  • Better and simplified osync-batch runner
  • More complete testing framework
  • Lots and lots of bugfixes, most introduced by v1.2 rewrite
  • Updated documentation

This RC has been tested on CentOS 5, 6, 7, Debian 8, Mint 18, MacOSX Sierra, FreeBSD 11, pfSense/FreeBSD 10.3, Cygwin x64 current, MSYS2 current and Win10 bash.

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@deajan deajan released this Nov 18, 2016 · 861 commits to master since this release

[EDIT: Due to a blocker bug, this tag has been updated from 18 Nov to 19 Nov]

This beta release has the following release highlights:

  • Busybox / Android support (work is still in progress)
  • New --summary switch and --errors-only, which combined give a better user experience in quicksync mode
  • Hugely improved unit testing
  • Added support for skipping deletion on initiator, target or both
  • Added support for SSH password file (caution about security here)
  • Overall improved speed

Most importantly, the unit tests have been backported to v1.1 and led to resolve a couple of bugs that were present in both branches, see changelog for details.

Next pre-release will be RC and will focus on documentation and multi-platform testing.

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@deajan deajan released this Nov 17, 2016 · 1202 commits to master since this release

This is a major fix release.

Backported unit tests from v1.2-beta3 allowing to fix the following:

  • Fixed backups go into root of replica instead of .osync_wordir/backups
  • Fixed error alerts cannot be triggered from subprocesses
  • Fixed remote locked targets are unlocked in any case

Additionnaly, the following enhancements have been backported in order for tests to work:

  • Allow quicksync mode to specify rsync include / exclude patterns as environment variables
  • Added default path separator char in quicksync mode for multiple includes / exclusions
  • Local runs should not check for remote connectivity
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@deajan deajan released this Nov 10, 2016 · 1202 commits to master since this release

This is a minor bugfix release fixing a corner case with sending alert log files when osync is used by multiple users.

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