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@tianon tianon released this Apr 23, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

"The 'EOL' Release"
(I'm normally not a fan of giving release codenames/taglines on my own projects, but this release is so focused on EOL distributions that it really deserves this title! If you're not building EOL suites, this release probably isn't terribly interesting to you. See also 🤘)

  • #57: fix rootfs.manifest file generation that broken in 0.9 😅

  • #56: add commented-out lines to final sources.list content for better image provenance (Note: changes hashes)

  • #58: removed debuerreotype-gen-sources-list in favor of the new debuerreotype-debian-sources-list that's more obviously Debian-specific and also more assuming in order to allow it to do more directly with less work from the user (Note: changes hashes, but likely only for users of debuerreotype-gen-sources-list that were not using the full 4-mirror-argument form, so should be unaffected by this one)

  • #59: auto-fix apt.conf comment syntax for older APT versions instead of simply not configuring APT on older versions; turns out // used to be the only comment syntax and that was the reason this has been failing on older versions all this time! (Note: this obviously changes hashes for older releases where there will now be APT configuration and was not previously)

  • #60: add new debuerreotype-gpgv-ignore-expiration-config script specifically for EOL releases with APT newer than 0.7.20 in order to ignore archive GPG key expiration so that we still get some verification of archive contents instead of going all the way to --allow-unauthenticated or --force-yes (Note: of course, again, this changes the hashes for new-ish EOL release tarball generation, likely lenny and above)

  • #61: exclude /var/lib/apt/lists (and /var/cache/apt) less aggressively, but only for APT versions older than 0.8 which will not auto-recreate /var/lib/apt/lists/partial properly (Note: you guessed it, if APT is older than 0.8, this will change hashes)

  • #62: also exclude /var/state/apt appropriately on all releases of APT which had any semblance of support for that ancient alternative directory (Note: if you're building Potato, this changes hashes 😄)

Full changes: 0.9...0.10

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