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Universal Registrar Driver: did:btcr

This is a Universal Registrar driver for did:btcr identifiers.


Build and Run (Docker)

docker build -f ./docker/Dockerfile . -t universalregistrar/driver-did-btcr
docker run -p 9080:9080 universalregistrar/driver-did-btcr

Driver Configurations

The BTCR Driver can be configured with environment variables and/or passing application properties. In case no properties file is provided, the driver will try to load If a parameter has value as an environment variable, it will be used over its field in the properties file.


Please check:

Implementation Notes

This iteration of the implementation is highly experimental. Stability issues are possible.

  • Most importantly, tests and proper abstraction of the components are lacking.
  • Transaction fees are not calculated per transaction; instead, default constant fees are deducted. This needs to be adjusted.
  • The implementation process started with highly relying on the BitcoinJ library. Initial startup is blocking until BitcoinJ syncs up, it can take a long time.
  • Failure mechanisms need to be refactored, especially rejected transactions.