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mudiali commented Dec 13, 2019


During the proof of fee integration, we found that the normalized fee being calculated in the testnet was too low and the bitcoin npm package was throwing exception that the min fee must be 554 (or something) satoshis. So we have added a hard-coded limit of 1000 satoshis as the fee for now. It seems that this shouldn't be a problem in mainnet as the

hsnhrn commented Sep 2, 2019

Describe the bug

If we put e.g. an array of audience during


and verifiy it with an array of audience or just one audience it gives a matcherror. Let's say a DID document has audience 0x1 and 0x2 and now If i verify a JWT with audience 0x2. The verifyJWT function will gives

TypeError: mnidOrDid.match is not a function

Is multiple audiences are allowed?


kst-howest commented Jan 7, 2020


I installed did-jwt-vc using npm install did-jwt-vc.

Next compiling index.ts file fails with the error message Module '"../node_modules/did-jwt-vc/lib"' has no exported member 'Issuer'

import EthrDID from 'ethr-did'
import { Issuer } from 'did-jwt-vc'
const ethrDid = new EthrDID({address: '0xf1232f840f3ad7d23fcdaa84d6c66dac24efb198', privateKey: 'd8b595680851765f38ea5405129244ba3

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