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First announced in 2020, vspd is a from scratch implementation of a Voting Service Provider (VSP) for the Decred network.

A VSP running vspd can be used to vote on any ticket - tickets do not need to be purchased with any special conditions such as dedicated outputs for paying VSP fees. Fees are paid directly to the VSP with an independent on-chain transaction.

To use vspd, ticket holders must prove ownership of their ticket with a cryptographic signature, pay the fee requested by the VSP, and submit a private key which enables the VSP to vote the ticket. Once this process is complete the VSP will add the ticket to a pool of always-online voting wallets.


  • API - Tickets are registered with the VSP using a JSON HTTP API. For more detail on the API and its usage, read

  • Web front-end - A minimal website (no JavaScript) providing public pool stats. A password protected admin page provides an overview of system status, enables searching for tickets and downloading database backups.

  • Two-way accountability - All vspd requests and responses are signed by their sender, which enables both the client and the server to hold each other accountable in the case of misbehaviour. For more detail and examples, read

  • Dynamic fees - Clients must request a new fee address and amount for every ticket. When these are given to a client, there is an associated expiry period. If the fee is not paid in this period, the client must request a new fee. This enables the VSP admin to change their fee as often as they like.


vspd is built and tested on go 1.20 and 1.21, making use of the following libraries:


A vspd deployment consists of a single front-end server which handles web requests, and a number of remote servers which host voting wallets. For more information about deploying vspd, check out


Test Harness

A test harness is provided in The test harness uses tmux to start a testnet instance of dcrd, multiple dcrwallets, and finally vspd. Further documentation can be found in

Web server debug mode

The config option --webserverdebug will:

  • Force HTML templates to be reloaded on every web request.
  • Reload the cached homepage data every second rather than every 5 minutes.
  • Enable detailed webserver logging to the terminal (does not get written to log file).

Issue Tracker

The integrated GitHub issue tracker is used for this project.


vspd is licensed under the copyfree ISC License.