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DJL v0.9.0 release note

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@stu1130 stu1130 released this 18 Dec 22:06
· 1418 commits to master since this release

DJL 0.9.0 brings MXNet inference optimization, abundant PyTorch new feature support, TensorFlow windows GPU support and experimental DLR engine that support TVM models.

Key Features

  • Add experimental DLR engine support. Now you can run TVM model with DJL


  • Improve MXNet JNA layer by reusing String, String[] and PointerArray with object pool which reduce the GC time significantly


  • you can easily create COO Sparse Tensor with following code snippet
long[][] indices = {{0, 1, 1}, {2, 0, 2}};
float[] values = {3, 4, 5};
FloatBuffer buf = FloatBuffer.wrap(values);
manager.createCoo(FloatBuffer.wrap(values), indices, new Shape(2, 4));
  • If the input of your TorchScript model need List or Dict type, we now add simple one dimension support for you.
// assum your torchscript model takes model({'input': input_tensor})
// you tell us this kind of information by setting the name
NDArray array = manager.ones(new Shape(2, 2));
  • we support loading ExtraFilesMap
// saving ExtraFilesMap
Criteria<Image, Classifications> criteria = Criteria.builder()
  .optOption("extraFiles.dataOpts", "your value")  // <- pass in here 


  • Windows GPU is now supported

Several Engines upgrade

Engine version
PyTorch 1.7.0
TensorFlow 2.3.1
fastText 0.9.2


  • Add docker file for serving
  • Add Deconvolution support for MXNet engine
  • Support PyTorch COO Sparse tensor
  • Add CSVDataset, you can find a sample usage here
  • Upgrade TensorFlow to 2.3.1
  • Upgrade PyTorch to 1.7.0
  • Add randomInteger operator support for MXNet and PyTorch engine
  • Add PyTorch Profiler
  • Add TensorFlow Windows GPU support
  • Support loading the model from jar file
  • Support 1-D list and dict input for TorchScript
  • Remove the Pointer class being used for JNI to relieve Garbage Collector pressure
  • Combine several BertVocabulary into one Vocabulary
  • Add loading the model from Path class
  • Support ExtraFilesMap for PyTorch model inference
  • Allow both int32 & int64 for prediction & labels in TopKAccuracy
  • Refactor MXNet JNA binding to reduce GC time
  • Improve PtNDArray set method to use ByteBuffer directly and avoid copy during tensor creation
  • Support experimental MXNet optimizeFor method for accelerator plugin.

Documentation and examples

  • Add Amazon Review Ranking Classification
  • Add Scala Spark example code on Jupyter Notebook
  • Add Amazon SageMaker Notebook and EMR 6.2.0 examples
  • Add DJL benchmark instruction

Bug Fixes

  • Fix PyTorch Android NDIndex issue
  • Fix Apache NiFi issue when loading multiple native in the same Java process
  • Fix TrainTicTacToe not training issue
  • Fix Sentiment Analysis training example and FixedBucketSampler
  • Fix NDArray from DataIterable not being attaching to NDManager properly
  • Fix WordPieceTokenizer infinite loop
  • Fix randomSplit dataset bug
  • Fix convolution and deconvolution output shape calculations


Thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release:

Frank Liu(@frankfliu)
Kimi MA(@kimim)
Lai Wei(@roywei)
Jake Lee(@stu1130)
Zach Kimberg(@zachgk)
Wai Wang(@waicool20)
Trijeet Modak(@uniquetrij)