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dotjs is a Google Chrome extension that executes JavaScript files in ~/.js based on their filename.

If you navigate to http://www.google.com/, dotjs will execute ~/.js/google.com.js.

This makes it super easy to spruce up your favorite pages using JavaScript.

On subdomains such as http://gist.github.com dotjs will try to load ~/.js/gist.github.com.js as well as ~/.js/github.com.js and ~/.js/com.js.

Bonus: files in ~/.js have jQuery 1.9 loaded, regardless of whether the site you're hacking uses jQuery.

Double bonus: ~/.js/default.js is loaded on every request, meaning you can stick plugins or helper functions in it.

GreaseMonkey user scripts are great, but you need to publish them somewhere and re-publish after making modifications. With dotjs, just add or edit files in ~/.js.


$ cat ~/.js/github.com.js
// swap github logo with trollface
        .attr('src', '//bit.ly/ghD24e')
        .css({'width': 'auto', 'height': '22px'})

How It Works

Chrome extensions can't access the local filesystem, so dotjs runs a tiny web server on port 3131 that serves files out of ~/.js.

You don't have to worry about starting or stopping this web server because we put a pretty great plist into ~/Library/LaunchAgents that handles all that for us.

The dotjs Chrome extension then makes ajax requests to http://localhost:3131/convore.com.js any time you hit a page on convore.com, for example, and executes the returned JavaScript.


  • OS X
  • Ruby 1.8
  • rake (gem install rake)
  • Google Chrome
  • /usr/local/bin in your $PATH

Install it

git clone http://github.com/defunkt/dotjs
cd dotjs
rake install

Now open https://localhost:3131 in Chrome and follow these steps:

  • Click the "X" Padlock icon in the address bar
  • Click "Certificate Information"
  • Drag the large cert icon to your desktop
  • Open it with Keychain
  • Configure its Trust section as shown: http://cl.ly/Pdny

Finally install the Google Chrome extension:


Uninstall it

rake uninstall


"I almost wish you could just stick JavaScript in ~/.js. Do you know what I'm saying?"



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