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dotjs is a Google Chrome extension that executes JavaScript files in ~/.js based on their filename.

If you navigate to, dotjs will execute ~/.js/

This makes it super easy to spruce up your favorite pages using JavaScript.

Bonus: files in ~/.js have jQuery 1.4.4 loaded, regardless of whether the site you're hacking uses jQuery.

GreaseMonkey user scripts are great, but you need to publish them somewhere and re-publish after making modifications. With dotjs, just add or edit files in ~/.js.


  1. Ensure you have defunkt's dotjs installed and running.
  2. Install the extension

How It Works

The dotjs Safari extension then makes ajax requests to http://localhost:3131/ any time you hit a page on, for example, and executes the returned JavaScript.



"I almost wish you could just stick JavaScript in ~/.js. Do you know what I'm saying?"