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Delft's Data Management Group


  1. valentine Public

    A tool facilitating matching for any dataset discovery method. Also, an extensible experiment suite for state-of-the-art schema marching methods.

    Python 44 7

  2. Valentine scalable deployment for VLDB demo

    Python 4

  3. clonos Public

    Forked from apache/flink

    Clonos is a novel approach on fault-recovery & high availability for stream processing, based on causal logging.

    Java 4 3

  4. Transactions for Stateful Functions as a Service. This repository implements and API and associated underpinnings for two-phase Commit and SAGAs on Apache Flink's Statefun.

    Java 23 1

  5. stateflow Public

    Prototype which extracts stateful dataflows by analysing Python code.

    Python 12 4

  6. s-query Public

    S-Query, a novel system for querying stateful stream processors. Implemented on top of Hazelcast Jet.

    Java 2


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