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This program is licensed as GPL v3.

This program downloads subtitles for your videos from the database.
You can also upload subtitles to their database.

This program can be integrated with the mpv player. For more instructions on how to achieve it check the mpv.lua file

How to use this program.

Download subtitles:
$ perl <movie>
This downloads a subtitle in portuguese or english (these languages are the default ones. To know how to define your language, please check the next example)

Download subtitles for some specific language:
$ perl --lang pt <movie>

or you can define some order in the languages you want:

$ perl --lang pt --lang en --lang fr <movie>
This will try to download the subtitles in portuguese. If there's no portuguese subtitles it will then try to download an english one. Finally if there is none in english it will then try to download a french one. If there is no subtitle in portuguese, english or french no subtitle is downloaded.

To use your own default languages define the variable SUDBB_LANGS. 
On linux with bash, put this in your .bashrc: export SUBDB_LANGS="en bg"
On a windows system please look on the link to know how to define a environment variable

Upload subtitles:
$ perl <subtitles>

Please note that the subtitle file must be in the same folder as the correspondent video file, and it must have the same filename (except for the extension).
The subtitles can't be bigger than 200Kbytes, and they must be plain text (only subrip and microdvd subtitles).

Any suggestion please e-mail me.

Best regards,
David Santiago <>


download (or upload) subtitles for your movies from the database.



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