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Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.3rc3

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commit 126681ff87f3a05962b9271ca85d136c48a71232 1 parent b15231d
@jamtur01 jamtur01 authored
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+b15231d Fix for #4299 -- Don't require which
+ea435a4 Fix #5020 - Prefer finding node name from REST uri over certname
+a097b93 Fix for #4894 -- retry tests if port is in use
+ee61b4e Fix for #4955 -- Race condition & memory leak in Puppet::Util
+f57425d Fix #4921 - race condition in Parser Functions creation
+9604f1c Fix #5252 - line number mis-attribution during parsing
+cc5224c Maint. fix for test broken by 00eedac5
+5f7d0fb Fix for #2568 -- Add a dbconnections option to set AR pool size
+ba4d22b Maint. Removing code for which no CLA has been signed
+4a3d5d7 Reimplementation of functionality removed by prior commit
+235d641 Refactor for CLA
+9ba0c8a Fix #4923 - close process race when truncating existing file
+cb16d3d Puppet-load: better and safer error reporting
+1d26742 Fix #5023 - puppet-load multiple nodes support
+00eedac capture stderr from exec resources
+4cbceab (#4573) FreeBSD service provider now supports versions <7 and >8
+06c8748 Fix #3808 - puppetdoc should use --force-update only if RDoc supports it
+6e6712b [#4813] Remove dead code from puppet/rails/host.rb
+956296a Fix #4911 - Do not generate doc for standard RDoc parser generated object
+4fa24bb Fix #5127 - error when accessing array elements
+abb8c66 (#5242) Fix schedule specs that fail near daylight savings
+ec667fd Kludge for #5206 -- port of fix for #3536 to yaml
+9a3b584 (#5062) Add envpuppet helper script to ext/
+aad7008 [#5225] Fix spec failure that depended on time change
+21db472 (#5233) Randomize tmp dir paths
+244213c Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.3rc2
76ac1f8 Fixed #5112 - Launchd Service broke in 2.6.2 with OS X 10.4 Clients.
776ea2a Fixed #5137 - Removed no longer required TOC references
31118fe Kludge for #5048 -- serialization compatibility with 0.25.x
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