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[DEPRECATED, use] A simple GitHub webhook receiver
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The github-hook-receiver is a simple GitHub Webhook receiver based written in Rust. It basically listens for all incoming hooks, checks if there is a configuration file for the incoming repository and executes a command.


Assuming the Rust toolchain (the Rust compiler and Cargo) is already set up, building github-hook-receiver is as easy as running cargo build --release. The built binary will be stored as target/release/github-hook-receiver.


By default, the server listens to The configuration root directory and the server's listen address can be defined using command line arguments:

./github-hook-receiver <config dir> [<listen address>]

Please do not add a trailing slash to the config dir. You can omit the listen address if you are fine with

The receiver will only act on events to http[s]://[host]/receive, so set your GitHub hook configuration accordingly.

Configuration files

All configuration files have to be within the root directory mentioned above. The file name is the repositories full name with the slash replaced by two underscores. The config file for this repository would be denschub__github-hook-receiver.json. All available fields:

  "handlers": {
    "pull_request": "/home/fancyapp/",
    "push": "/home/fancyapp/"
  "refs": [
  "secret": "supersecretsecret"

You can omit secret if you do not want to set one on GitHub. But you should.

Available events

You can handle all available Webhook events provided by GitHub. Just specify a handler using the events name as shown in the example above. Additional data may be available inside environmental variables, see below for more information.

Environment variables inside handlers

Some environment variables get set by the receiver to allow further processing by the handler script.


  • HEAD: The new HEAD sha1 hash.

Pull Request

  • ACTION: The events action, see GitHubs documentation.
  • BASE: The PRs base head.
  • PR: The number of the pull request.