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A topographic map from OpenStreetMap and SRTM data
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OpenTopoMap is a topographic map out of data from OpenStreetMap and SRTM. If you are interested in building your own OpenTopoMap, see the beginner's guides for a tile server and for Garmin files.


The main OpenTopoMap is a online rendered raster map. It can be used with the web interface on, which gives you nice features like a search function or loading your gpx tracks. Futhermore, OpenTopoMap can be included into other applications. See for information on usage. The license of the online map is CC-BY-SA.

The online renderer is based on Mapnik. All necessary files are available to build your own OpenTopoMap server.


Since summer 2014 there is a Garmin edition of the OpenTopoMap. They can be downloaded from The license of the Garmin maps is CC-BY-NC-SA and therefore reselling is not allowed. Here are some screenshots:

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6

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