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NYC All Federal Grants, FY2010 to FY2018 CAFR
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All Federal Grants, CAFR 10-18.xlsx


Data Scrape Steps

1) Data on federal grant revenues are sourced from NYC's Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), FY 10-18

  • Used Tabula to extract data from "Part II-F – General Fund – Schedule G3 Revenues vs. Budget by Agency"

2) Used OMB's "Revenue Budget & Financial Plan -- Exec\Adpt\Prel" to match RSCs and Agency Codes with Revenue Source Names (RSN) and Agency Names

3) Used OMB's Revenue Financial Plan (RFP) to match RSCs with Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance numbers (CFDA)

  • Grants where we could not find matching CFDA3s are labeled as "CFDA not found"
  • Most CFDA#s have multiple RSCs, but each RSC has one unique CFDA#
  • Some CFDA#s documented when looked up cannot be found on the U.S. Government's Assistance Listings despite being documented in the RFP
  • What is a CFDA number?

4) Determined the following RSCs are categorized as federal grants

  • #900 – 16163; #50000 - #50008; #57000

5) Master table is found in tab 'CAFR 10-18'


Please consider atrributing data citations to FPWA

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