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FileCloud Sync client for Linux installer, includes `.desktop` file.
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FileCloud is an enterprise grade file sharing, sync, and backup solution developed by CodeLathe that can be self-hosted (on-prem). They provide sync clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For Linux, the documented installation process involves downloading and unzipping their latest archive, making a couple files executable, and then running one of them to setup the sync app... which may work, providing all dependencies are met.

As user Ilsa Loving calls out on their community forums, the process leaves a bit to be desired; I have also elaborated a bit on my blog.

I made a crude script to install the current sync client ( on my current preferred flavor, Kubuntu 18.10; it should work on any recent (.?[Uu]buntu) release.


Run the following from your terminal...

git clone ~/Downloads/filecloudsync-install
chmod +x ~/Downloads/filecloudsync-install/
~/Downloads/filecloudsync-install/ install

What this does...

  1. Clones the github repo to ~/Downloads/filecloundsync-install/.
    • Contains my installer script and a .png file to be used for the icon.
  2. Makes the installation script executable.
  3. Runs the installation script.
    • Downloads the latest sync client from FileCloud servers.
    • Downloads libpng12 from Ubuntu.
    • Installs prerequisites (libpng12 and libdbusmenu-gtk-dev).
    • Unzips the sync client to ~/apps/filecloudsync.
    • Copies the .png file to ~/apps/filecloudsync.
    • Makes required files executable (filecloudsync, filecloudsyncstart).
    • Creates a filecloudsync.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/.
    • Registers ~/apps/filecloudsync to shared libraries for dependencies.
    • The sync client can now be launched from an app menu.


Run the following command to uninstall.

~/Downloads/filecloudsync-install/ uninstall
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