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DeltaCrdt implements some Delta CRDTs in Elixir. There is an introductory blog post and the official documentation on is also very good.

CRDTs currently offered include:

  • Add Wins Last Write Wins Map
  • Add Wins Set

Please open an issue or a pull request if you'd like to see any additional Delta CRDTs included.

The following papers have used to implement this library:


Documentation can be found on

Here's a short example to illustrate adding an entry to a map:

# start 2 Delta CRDTs
{:ok, crdt1} = DeltaCrdt.start_link(DeltaCrdt.AWLWWMap)
{:ok, crdt2} = DeltaCrdt.start_link(DeltaCrdt.AWLWWMap)

# make them aware of each other
DeltaCrdt.add_neighbours(crdt1, [crdt2])

# show the initial value

# add a key/value in crdt1
DeltaCrdt.mutate(crdt1, :add, ["CRDT", "is magic!"])

# read it after it has been replicated to crdt2
%{"CRDT" => "is magic!"}


The package can be installed by adding delta_crdt to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:delta_crdt, "~> 0.3.1"}