CakePHP Plugin with RssView to create RSS feeds.
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CakePHP Feed Plugin

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A CakePHP 3.x Plugin containing a RssView class to generate RSS feeds.

Version notice

This branch only works for CakePHP 3.5.5+ - please use the 2.x branch for CakePHP 2.x.

What is this plugin for?

There is a core helper for RSS generation, but it has several deficiencies. So this plugin aims to provide a better support for feed generation.

Goals of this view class

  • Support view-less actions via serialize.
  • Get rid of the ridiculously verbose "inline" namespace declarations.
  • Simplify the use of namespaces and their prefixes (auto-add only those that are actually used).
  • Support CDATA (unescaped content).

Additional features

  • Automatic View class mapping via rss extension.

See my article for details on the history of this view class.


Installation & Docs

Possible TODOs

  • Maybe add Feed readers instead of just writers.
  • Add AtomView ?