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fastboot3DS v1.0 -> v1.1 changelog:

  • Support for custom splashscreens (Luma splashcreens work)
  • Support for FIRM from FCRAM (A9NC support)
  • Extended FCRAM support on N3DS
  • Added Bootrom / OTP dumper via SuperHax
  • Vasty improved boot times thanks to improved SDMMC.c driver
  • Faster NAND backups and restores thanks to improved SDMMC.c driver
  • Tons of under-the-hood improvements and smaller bugfixes

Keep in mind this is a beta release, and some stuff may still be rough around the edges. Please report any issues you may find either here, or contact us via some other means. Ideas are also welcome, but there won't be any new features until the stable v1.1 release is out. Have fun testing!