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Fun cogs for Discord Red V3
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Cogs for Discord Red V3

Red-DiscordBot Discord python framework Version

Various fun and/or useful plugins for Discord Red.

To add the cogs to your instance please do: [p]repo add CogsByAdrian


  • Crier Send messages to channels either as text, or 🇸 🇭 🇴 🇺 🇹.
  • Insult Insult a user.
  • Killer Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Penis Detects users' penis size with maximum accuracy.
  • UserInfo Displays bite-sized user info
  • Lootbox TBA
  • UrbanBot TBA
  • Responder TBA


[p]say #channel_name Howdy, @user! 🤠
[p]shout #channel_name Anno 2077

Say accepts any character including emojis, Shout only accepts latin characters or numbers as it converts your words into regional indicator symbols which are nice big, blue, and bold letters using Discord's emoji set (:regional_character_a: 4️⃣ for example)


[p]insult @user

Fetches random insult from and makes sure the user runs away crying!


[p]slap @user
[p]punch @user
[p]stab @user
[p]shoot @user
[p]love @user
[p]sex @user
[p]succ @user

Each action has a low chance of either missing the target or critical hit 😉, also, trying to it the bot has severe consequences! 😱


[p]penis @user
[p]penis @user1 @user2 @user3 etc

Convertion of the original TwentySix cog for V2.


[p]userid @user


Please create a GitHub issue if you have any concerns.

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