A Sketch plugin to make a large quantity of name tags for any kind of events
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Event Badges by David

This is a Sketch plugin that makes your life easier to make a large quantity of name tags for any kind of events.


1.Freely design your name tag in any size in Sketch.
2.Select a layer where a participant's name would fit. And set its layer's name to name.

3.Execute Plugins → Event Badges by David → Generate

4.Select a column of names from your spreadsheet and paste into the pop up window in Sketch.

5.Done! (Export selected artboards as PDF.)


  • It copies an initial name tag you designed as many as the number of participants.
    • You can copy and paste an array of names from any spreadsheet software.
  • It places the right number of name tags into A4 size artboards (usually 2-3) to work with any printer.
    • Choosing other paper size options is not available yet. (ie. Letter)
  • It generates vertical lines in subtle grey along the edges of name tags for you to cut easily.



  1. Download the latest release of the plugin
  2. Un-zip
  3. Double-click on event-badges-by-david.sketchplugin


  • You are very welcome to contribute to this project.
    • ⇄ Pull requests and ★ Stars are always welcome.
  • You can also send me an email if you are not familiar with Git.