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An aide to your desk life!

N.B. The project is in the early stage of development. Anything can change anytime.


  • Pomodoro [An adjustable pomodoro timer will run in the background and a overly screen (skippabale) will show up above all the active apps after the timer finishes.]

  • Dairy [Daily important events can be saved in the the diary post section. Each day can have only one post.]
  • Notes [Any idea, writing, notes can be stored in markdown form with a title.]
  • Links
  • Todos


You can find all the installation files on the release page.


As the app is not signed (due to Apple developer account cost), macOS will prevent the app from running. Please follow the instructions below to run the app.

  • Intel Chips: Follow the instructions here.
  • Apple Chips: You can manually allow the app from privacy settings or run the following command:
sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/


Please follow the instructions here to develop and run the app locally.


Shahidul Islam Majumder (@sh4hids)