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Build Status Dependency Status is a small project that enables you to find GitHub issues to work on. Unlike other contributing projects, the focus is on labelled issues rather than projects.

The reason for making this project is to encourage issue labelling on open source projects, so that people with different types of experience and knowledge levels can easily find something to help out with.

Getting started

Install ruby

rvm install 2.1.5

Install the gems using the Gemfile

gem install bundler
bundle install

Set up the .env file

cp .env.example .env

Make sure the tests are passing

bundle exec rake spec

Run the app!

bundle exec rackup


Find something to work on. You can pick one of the open issues, if there are any, fix a bug, improve the interface, refactor the code or improve test coverage!

If there is something else that you would like to work on or other ways to improve issuehub, open an issue first so we can discuss it.

Also, have a look at the contribution guidelines.


Copyright (c) 2015 Despo Pentara. See LICENSE for details.