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DeusDat Solutions

Software development and consulting company.

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  1. arangomigo arangomigo Public

    Golang migration to for configuring ArangoDB databases.

    Go 42 18

  2. cleango cleango Public

    Simple library to make implementing Clean Code easy

    Go 8

  3. waller waller Public

    A Ragtime extention for ArangoDB

    Clojure 7 1

  4. travesedo travesedo Public

    Clojure drivers for the ArangoDB vs 2.x+

    Clojure 4 1

  5. arango-session arango-session Public

    Ring middleware to store sessions in ArangoDB

    Clojure 3 1

  6. guacaphant guacaphant Public

    A tap and sink to integrate Hadoop and the ArangoDB via Cascading

    Java 1


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