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layout: episode
title: "Episode 7: Radical Candor, Part I"
date: 2017-12-7 20:11:27
author: Ariel Caplan
slug: 7-radical-candor-part-i
title: "Episode 7: Radical Candor, Part I"
description: Exploring old ideas in a modern context, we discussed the
Surgical Team paradigm, communication tools, centralized vs. distributed
decisionmakngsdf;laskdf;afd, and more...
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
This episode, we opened up our discussion of Kim Scott's
[Radical Candor][Radical Candor]. After reviewing the fundamental theory of the
book and giving some first impressions, we spoke about:
* [13:11][rockstars and superstars] "Rockstars" and "Superstars"
* [24:28][boss friend] Should your boss be your friend? How much must the boss act as a psychologist?
* [35:25][supporting colleagues] Supporting colleagues in non-leadership positions
* [40:31][saying mean things] Radical Candor, or just being mean?
* [51:51][bank account] Is there some truth in the "bank account" approach to relationships?
* [59:49][WWII pilots] What senior developers can learn from WWII pilots
* [1:07:41][Cultural sensitivity] Cultural sensitivity versus racism
We'd love to hear your thoughts about the book as well. [Join us on Slack][join us]
and share with other Dev Empaths!
[Radical Candor]:
[rockstars and superstars]:
[boss friend]:
[supporting colleagues]:
[saying mean things]:
[bank account]:
[WWII pilots]:
[Cultural sensitivity]:
[join us]:

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