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Dev Day website

The Dev Day website is built using Django CMS. The project consists of a Django CMS content management part and some custom Django apps for talk, attendee and speaker management.


Information on how to set up a development environment on your machine, running the application, and performing various development and maintaince tasks is detailed in It also includes some application design information.


To get a local development instance up and running:

  1. Install Docker (on macOS and Windows install Docker For Desktop)
  2. Install Docker Compose
  3. Clone this repository
  4. Run ./ devdata in a shell and wait for it to complete (Windows: use Git Bash)
  5. Access the web site at localhost:8000
  6. Log in as with password admin.

Running A Production Environment

To set up a test or production environment, see


We welcome your ideas and improvements! Please see for details.


This Django project has been made possible by the contributions of:

  • Jan Dittberner
  • Jeremias Arnstadt
  • Felix Herzog
  • Stefan Bethke
  • Daniel Sy

and the Software Engineering Community at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH.