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Axios has a great API that developers love. Redaxios provides that API in 800 bytes, using native fetch().

For those searching for ways to shave a few kilobytes off of their bundles, that's less than 1/5th of the size. This is made possible by using the browser's native Fetch API, which is supported in all modern browsers and polyfilled by most tools including Next.js, Create React App and Preact CLI.

Can I just use Axios?

Yes! Axios is an excellent module and you should use it! Redaxios exists so that you can use that same API in cases where it's difficult to justify the dependency. Instead of having to choose between Axios and Fetch, Redaxios provides a middle-ground between the two.


import axios from 'redaxios';
// use as you would normally

Refer to the Axios Documentation.