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This repo contains the source code for the Collecticons icon library website. If your looking for the actual icon library check here. There's also a webfont generation util for advanced users which is available here.

Install Project Dependencies

To set up the development environment for this website, you'll need to install the following on your system:

  • Node v8 (To manage multiple node versions we recommend nvm)
  • Yarn Package manager

Install Application Dependencies

If you use nvm, activate the desired Node version:

nvm install

Install Node modules:

yarn install

Getting started

$ yarn collecticons

Builds the icon font. Only needed when there are changes to the icon library.

$ yarn serve

Compiles the website and launches the server making it available at http://localhost:3000/


You are free to contribute to the project. If you find a bug and/or have a nice idea about a feature feel free to open an issue or submit your own solution. We'll be more than happy to hear your suggestions. :)


Collecticons is licensed under The MIT License (MIT), see the LICENSE file for more details.