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An express application that integrates with osm-teams
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OSM Teams API - Node/Express

This app demonstrates how to integrate with, the index of OpenStreetMap teams. It uses Node.js/Express and simple-oauth2 to create the connection. is an instance of the OSM Teams API


  • Node.js v8+

App structure

On the front-end,

public/client.js contains the API code
public/style.css and views/index.html show the teams

On the back-end,

your app starts at server.js
the login code is in login.js
secret configuration goes in .env


Clone the repo

Clone this repo with git:

git clone

Change directory into the repo:

cd osm-teams-node-example

Create your app on

To run this project you'll need a CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET from There you'll log in using your OpenStreetMap account, then visit the create client page and follow these instructions:

  1. Add a name for your app
  2. The callback will be http://localhost:7171/callback or whatever URL this example is running on
  3. Click on "Add new App" to receive your credentials
  4. The CLIENT_ID is the client_id returned by the site
  5. The CLIENT_SECRET is the client_secretreturned by the site

Create the .env file

Create a .env file following the structure in .env.sample

CLIENT_ID=<your app client id>
CLIENT_SECRET=<your app client secret>

You can copy .env.sample to get started:

cp .env.sample .env

Install the dependencies

npm install

Run the example

npm start

Now you should be able to see the example app in your browser at http://localhost:7171!

From here you can:

  • create teams on and see them in a list on the example app
  • join other teams on and see them in the list as well
  • check out the api docs and experiment with the api to get a better idea of how you can integrate with your application
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