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ipydbg is a debugger for IronPython applications. As IronPython doesn’t implement sys.settrace (yet), the standard Python debugger pdb doesn’t work. Instead of settrace, ipydbg uses the underlying CLR debugging API. It leverages some code from the MDbg command line debugger that ships in the .NET Framework SDK.

ipydbg is written by Harry Pierson, program manager for the IronPython project at Microsoft. He writes the weblog DevHawk and he has chronicled the ongoing development of ipydbg there.

Existing Functionality

  • automatically break on first line of python code
  • step into, over and out
  • Just-My-Code (so can bypass stepping thru the IronPython implementation
  • Stack trace (Python only and full)

Features in active development

  • View Locals
  • Debugger REPL
  • Breakpoint Manager
  • Command Routing System

Features to be implemented

  • function evaluation
  • View Globals
  • Stack Frame Traversal
  • Help System
  • Setting in-scope variables
  • showing fields for classes
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