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DevHub: GitHub Notifications & Activities on your Desktop
Android, iOS, Web & Desktop with 95%+ code sharing between them
thanks to React Native + React Native Web

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DevHub is a mobile and desktop app to help you manage GitHub Notifications and stay on top of repository activities. Save custom searches, apply filters and don't miss anything important.



DevHub Desktop)


DevHub Menubar


DevHub Mobile - Notifications DevHub Mobile - Notification Filters DevHub Mobile - Repository activity

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  • Multi-column layout: See at a quick glance everything that is going on (like TweetDeck!);
  • Filters: Apply different filters to each column, save your custom searches to make your life easier;
  • Inbox Zero: Mark columns as done and gain peace of mind;
  • Notifications manager: See all the relevant information before opening the notification, like comment content, issue/pull request status, release description, etc.;
  • Repository watcher: Keep up to date with repositories' activities without using the watch feature so your notifications don't get cluttered;
  • User stalking: Follow user activities without using the follow button; see activities that GitHub doesn't show on your feed, like their issue comments and pushed commits;
  • Home/Dashboard: See yours or other users' home screen (a.k.a. GitHub Dashboard), a great way to discover interesting repositories;
  • Save for later: Save any activity or notification for later, so you don't forget to get back to them;
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Do anything using only the keyboard (press Shift+? in the web or desktop app to see all available shortcuts);
  • Theme support: Choose between 6 light or dark themes; Automatically detect system preference;
  • And more!: Desktop apps, native mobile apps, open source, modern tech stack, ...

Next features:

  • Issues/PR management: Manage all issues and PRs, filter the ones related to you, take actions, etc. (vote: #110);
  • Trending: New column type to show Trending repositories (vote: #48);
  • Push notifications: Enable push notifications for your filtered columns on mobile and/or desktop (vote: #51);
  • Drag & Drop: Allow moving columns using drag&drop (vote: #42)
  • GitHub Enterprise: Support for self hosted GitHubs on local networks (vote: #165)

Which one do you want first? Any other recommendations? Search for existing feature requests and add a 👍 reaction on them, or create a new one. Feel free to ping me (@brunolemos) if you feel it's something important.


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


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Twitter: @devhub_app
Slack: Slack Invitation


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Copyright (c) 2019 Bruno Lemos.

This project is provided as is without any warranties. Use at your own risk.
By using DevHub you agree with its privacy policy and license.