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Plugin to ease the development of homebrews and plugins on the PS Vita
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Vitacompanion is a user module which makes developing homebrews for the PS Vita device easier. It does two things:

  • Open a FTP server on port 1337
  • Listen to commands on port 1338


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..


Run VitaShell on your PS Vita, press SELECT to activate the FTP server and copy vitacompanion.suprx to ur0:/tai. Finally, add the following line to ur0:/tai/config.txt:



FTP server

You can upload stuff to your vita by running:

curl --ftp-method nocwd -T ftp://IP_TO_VITA:1337/ux0:/somedir/

Or you can use your regular FTP client.

Command server

Send a command by opening a TCP connection to the port 1338 of your Vita.

For example, you can reboot your vita by running:

echo reboot | nc IP_TO_PSVITA 1338

Note that you need to append a newline character to the command that you send. echo already adds one, which is why it works here.

Available commands

Command Arguments Explanation
destroy none kill all running applications
launch <TITLEID> launch an application by id e.g. launch VHBB00001 to launch the Vita Homebrew Browser
reboot none reboot the console
screen on or off turn screen on or off

Note: Commands are defined in src/cmd_definitions.c, you can add new commands there.

Integration in IDE's



Thanks to xerpi for his vita-ftploader plugin, I stole a lot of his code (with his permission). Thanks to cpasjuste for PSP2SHELL, it inspired me to create this tool.

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