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The devolo dLAN Green PHY module is ideal for installation in all IoT-devices. Includes QCA7000 chipset and LPC1758 host processor.
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devolo dLAN® Green PHY Module SDK

This project contains the SDK for the devolo dLAN® Green PHY module.

It is ideal for installation in all electrical devices of a smart home. From the heating system to the refrigerator - Green PHY enables seamless integration into the networked home. The open standard makes smart energy applications, sensor solutions and automation systems efficient to set up and use. Another advantage: The dLAN® Green PHY module is particularly energy-saving and - compared to conventional HomePlug solutions - has reduced energy consumption.

QCA7000 Firmware

The module contains a QCA7000 greenPHY processor and a LPC1758 MCU. This project mainly covers the SDK for the MCU, while the latest drivers (version 1.2.4) for the greenPHY chip itself can be found here:

The following options are available within the QCA7000 devolo firmware package:

  • iot-generic IoT generic, optimized for performance: 50561 off (SLAC off)
  • iot-conform IoT over mains, optimized for conformity: 50561 on (SLAC off)
  • emob-charger e-mobility use as charging station: SLAC in EVSE modeÿ(50561 off)
  • emob-vehicle e-mobility use as vehicle: SLAC in PEV mode (50561 off)

LPC1758 Firmware

The SDK is based on LPCOpen v2.10 and FreeRTOS v9.0.0.

devolo dLAN® Green PHY module

The dLAN® Green PHY module


  • HTTP server with webinterface
  • TCP/IP stack with many protocols ready to use, e.g. DNS, DHCP, ICMP
  • Green PHY and fast ethernet controller
  • Many interfaces, e.g. SPI, GPIO, I²C, UART, USB and CAN
  • Compatible to microBUS™ socket and MikroElektronika Click Boards



  1. Download the repository, following the Clone or download button's instructions above.

  2. Import the project into MCUXpresso:

    • In MCUXpresso create a new workspace and open the File->Import dialogue.
    • Select General/Existing Projects into Workspace import wizard and click next.
    • If you downloaded the SDK as .zip, select it in the Select archive file input, if you got it by git clone use the Select root directory input.
    • Leave all projects marked for import and click Finish.
  3. Now you should be able to see the SDK's folders in the Project Explorer. Select the FirmwareStandalone project and click on the blue debug icon or use Debug 'FirmwareStandalone' [Debug] in the Quickstart Panel.

  4. Get the GreenPHY module's IP address from your local DHCP server and access it's WebUI in your Browser.

greenphy-sdk-webui Example of the dLAN® Green PHY Module SDK's webinterface's status page

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