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TinyMCE editor with image upload.

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This plugin based on community engine and tiny_mce plugin, thanks for their great job.

1, Install tiny_mce_plus

cd vendor/plugins
git clone git://

script/generate tiny_mce_plus_migration
rake db:migrate

rake tiny_mce_plus:install

2, Install dependent plugins(if you didn't):

attachment_fu (git://
responds_to_parent (
will_paginate (git://

Or(because some version doesn't work properly, so, i packaged the plugins)
rake tiny_mce_plus:plugins

Also, you need 'login_required' method and 'current_user' object in your application. (I recommend you use restful_authentication).

3, In your layout:

<%= javascript_include_tiny_mce_if_used %> 
<%= tiny_mce if using_tiny_mce? %>
<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

4, In your controller:

uses_tiny_mce(:options => AppConfig.default_mce_options, :only => [:new, :edit])

Install file lists

rake tiny_mce_plus:install will Install following files:

  |-- controller
    |-- tiny_mce_photos_controller.rb
  |-- helpers
    |-- remote_link_renderer.rb
  |-- models
    |-- tiny_mce_photo.rb
  |-- views
    |-- tiny_mce_photos
       |-- _photo_list.html.erb
  |-- initializers
    |-- tiny_mce_plus_config.rb

  |-- images
    |-- tiny_mce
  |-- javascripts
    |-- tiny_mce

You may custom the config in tiny_mce_plus_config.rb.

1, do not put <p> </p> around the textarea.
2, If you use old will_paginate plugin, maybe change the url_for to url_option in remote_link_renderer.rb

Copyright (c) 2008 devon at, released under the MIT license
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