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Rust Canister Development Kit

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Rust CDK provides tools for building Canisters on Internet Computer (IC).

You may be looking for:

If you are looking for a crate to communicate with existing canisters on IC, you may want to check agent-rs.


A canister is a WebAssembly (wasm) module that can run on the Internet Computer.

To be a canister, a wasm module should communicate with the execution environment using Canister interfaces (System API).

This repo provides libraries and tools to facilitate developing canisters in Rust.

  • ic-cdk: Bindings of the System API.
  • ic-cdk-macros: Annotate functions with attribute macros to make them exposed public interfaces.
  • ic-cdk-timers: The library implements multiple and periodic timers.
  • ic-certified-map: An implementation of map which support certified queries.
  • ic-ledger-types: Type definitions to communicate with the ICP ledger canister.

Rust CDK in Action

In Cargo.toml:

crate-type = ["cdylib"]

candid = "0.8.0" # this is required if you want to use the `#[import]` macro
ic-cdk = "0.6"

Then in your rust source code:

fn print() {
    ic_cdk::print("Hello World from DFINITY!");

Check tutorial for a detailed guidance.