A Mac app for Nextcloud bookmarks
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icon Nextcloud Bookmark Manager

A Mac App for accessing and managing Nextcloud bookmarks.



node.js / npm

To modify a/o build this project you will need to install electron and electron packager

npm install electron -g --save-exact
npm install electron-packager -g


cd to the project directory and run:

npm install

To modify the html / css / js run:

gulp watch

To test the app run:

electron .

To update all files prior to packaging run:

gulp build

To package the final app run:

npm run package

The packaged app will be written to build/Nextcloud Bookmark Manager-darwin-x64/ in the project directory.

Note: packaging the app runs npm prune -production and so you will need to run npm install again before making any further modifications.


Nextcloud Bookmark Manager is released under the MIT Licence